UV Sterilizers

  • PVC UV Water Sterilizer
PVC UV Water Sterilizer

PVC UV Water Sterilizer

  • Overview: Overflowing PVC UV water sterilizer manufacture of special plastic, it can resistance all kinds of bacterial and ultraviolet radiation.

Product Highlights

Multi tube of sterilizer.

The water treatment of each one is 5t/hours-150t/hours and so on.

It can bear pressure of product is 0.6MPa.

It can change to big ultraviolet lamp.

Product Specifications

ModelRate Flow
UV Power
UV Lamp Quantity
Inlet & Outlet Dia.
PUVC - 1T15T811511/2"
PUVC - 2T30/T823013/4"
PUVC - 3T30/T836021"
PUVC - 6T30/T8612041+1/2"
PUVC - 9T30/T8918062"
PUVC - 12T30/T81224082"
PUVC - 15T30/T815300102"
PUVC - 05T16/T50.51611/2"
PUVC - 08T25/T50.82511/2"
PUVC - 2T36/T524013/4"
PUVC - 4T36T548021"
PUVC - 8T36/T5816042"
PUVC - 12T36/T51224062"
PUVC - 20T36HO/T52032042"
PUVC - 25T36HO/T52548062+1/2"
PUVC - 30T36HO/T56064082+1/2"
PUVC - 20T64T52030042"
PUVC - 25T64/T52545062+1/2"
PUVC - 30T64/T53060082+1/2"
PUVC - 30T64HO/T53060042+1/2"
PUVC - 60T64HO/T560120083"
PUVC - 100T64HO/T51001500104"

Documents for Downloads

PVC UV Water Sterilizer Datasheet

Product FAQs                           

PVC UV Water Sterilizer FAQs 

Application Scenarios

Swimming pool, semiconductor factory, worker factory, fresh water treatment in boat.

To disinfecting of drinking water, cosmetic factory water treatment.

To disinfecting of municipal waste water treatment factory, pharmaceutical water treatment factory.

To disinfecting of aquaculture and food factory.

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