Quartz Sleeves

  • UV Quartz Sleeve
UV Quartz Sleeve

UV Quartz Sleeve

  • Overview: High quality, fire polished quartz sleeves. Wide range of diameters, wall thickness and lengths. Supplied with open ends or with closed test tube ends.

GermicidalUVLamps.com provides the quartz sleeves of different tube diameters, which are used in all kinds of water treatment, air sterilization, and water treatment equipment. Quartz Sleeves can solve the problem of insulating. It makes the lamps easier to be cleared and guarantee a good sterilizing effects of UV lamps. Our UV Quartz sleeves are made up of high purity quartz which can guarantee a better UV output rate. We have particular ability to process the quartz glasses and many types available for your selections, such as single end sealed, no sealed, turned-over edge, spin over,etc.

Inside DiameterOutside DiameterWall Thickness
18.0 mm20.5 mm1.25 mm
20.0 mm22.0 mm1.00 mm
20.0 mm23.0 mm1.50 mm
22.0 mm24.5 mm1.25 mm
22.0 mm25.0 mm1.50 mm
25.0 mm28.0 mm1.50 mm
26.0 mm30.0 mm2.00 mm
26.4 mm30.0 mm1.80 mm
30.0 mm33.0 mm1.50 mm
32.0 mm36.0 mm2.00 mm
34.0 mm38.0 mm2.00 mm
35.0 mm38.0 mm1.50 mm
42.0 mm45.0 mm1.50 mm
44.0 mm48.0 mm2.00 mm
45.0 mm48.0 mm1.50 mm

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