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  • T5 Germicidal UV Lamp
  • T5 Germicidal UV Lamp
  • T5 Germicidal UV Lamp
  • T5 Germicidal UV Lamp
T5 Germicidal UV Lamp T5 Germicidal UV Lamp T5 Germicidal UV Lamp T5 Germicidal UV Lamp

T5 Germicidal UV Lamp

Product Highlights

●The compact tube size, suitable for sterilization place with limited space.

With Sailon's Amalgam technology we can produce very high power output U/H type Amalgam lamps (eg.150W) which has a very good UV output efficiency.

●Up to 10000 hours life time. The longer life of our Sailon UV germicidal lamp can bring you a better experience.

●The inner of Sailon's UV lamp is coated with protective layer, so UV out put damping less than 15% during life time.

●Our 4-pins T5 UV light has small tube diameter. It is so slim that it can be easily install.

●It's specifications are in line with international standards for easy to accommodate different equipment.

Product Specifications


Our Sailon brand of Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps can be used as replacement lamps for over 200 manufacturer brands and 5,000 models of ultraviolet equipment besides Air and Water Purifiers, such as Siemens Purifier, MicroPure, Sol-Air Scrubber system, RGTS 20 HO system, 2500-HG Photocatalytic Hydroxyl

 Generator and so on.

Sailon T5 Germicidal UV-C lamp has many kinds of lamp base, and its lamp base is customization available, dipending on your need. It usually used for air sterilization especially in some roomy places where needs to be sterilized. Sailon T5 Germicidal UV-C lamp has a wide range of disinfection and sterilization uses. T5 UV lamp can kill the harmful microorganizms in the air( like livingroom, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, and so on), water(drinking water, pond,  wast water, and so on), and clean the surface of objects, bowl and dish, even the harmful germs on the body of your plant(that means that you can grow vegetables or flower without assistance of pesticides and carbendazim). Absolutly our UVC germicidal lamp can also be applied to the field of treatment of skin disease, and have high effect on treating leucoderma, psoriasis and some other disease.

Documents for Downloads

T5 Germicidal UV Lamp Datasheet

Product FAQs                           

T5 Germicidal UV Lamp FAQs

Application Scenarios

●Kitchen purify.

  Sailon UVC lamp can help you mantain the cleaness of your kitchen, and the mold plaque will no longer exist in your kitchen. The seasonings and foods in your kitchen will be saver!

●Industrial wastewater treatment.

  Sailon UV light will potect the environment all the time, until you turn off its botton!

●Air Purifier.

  Sailon's UV light help you to improve your live standard. Cleaning the air in your home, classroom, or office. keep us or our families or our friends away from those harmful microorganism.  Enjoy your live in a healthy environment.


  Sailon's UV light can kill the virus or harmful bacteria in your aquarium. Providing a  healthier environment to your lovely aquatic plants and animals.

●Drinking Water Treatment

  Sailon's UV light will resist harmful germs with you together. Keeping away from illness, and protect the most lovely you!

●Pound Water Disinfection

  Sailon's UV light will help you clean your pound, lighten your workload. No matter what you are doing, sailon's UV germicidal lamp will keep purifying your pound. Providing a perfect environment to your fish, reducing disease, so that your fish will have a higher yield.

●Swimming Pool Water Treatment

  Sailon UV germicidal lamp can give a pool of nice swimming water to you. Driving away the concern of skin disease, skin allergy, colpitis, eye disease and so on. Let's put aside our concerns, and enjoy your swimming under the protection of Sailon UV germicidal light!

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to call us at +86 18825043686 or email us at sales@uvcsailon.com!