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U Shape UV Lamp

U Shape UV Lamp

Product Highlights

●The compact tube size, suitable for sterilization place with limited space.

With Sailon's Amalgam technology we can produce very high power output U/H type Amalgam lamps (eg.150W) which has a very good UV output efficiency.

Product Specifications

TypeTube Diameter
UV output
uw/cm2  w
Standard Life type
Long life type

Characteristics for Amalgam lamp        


Sailon UV LIghting can be manufactured the Amalgam lamps with hong life and big power,and the UV output is three times that of ordinary low pressure UV lamps.  


1 Sailon's UV lamp still keep the 90% high UV output after runing 10000hrs,owing to special protective coating applied to the inner wall of the lamp.So Sailon UV Light            

always keep stability sterilization             

2 The long life of Sailon's UVC light can be reach 13000hrs.         

3 Making with special Amalgam technology will keep stability UV output in a wide range of temperature,can be used for the environment is more than 90℃.         

4 It's very helpful in the equipment where has a limit places to install,because we can make the power more larger.         

5 Sailon UVC lighting provide the Amalgam UV lamp with 254nm and (254nm,185nm).254nm and 185nm can be produced the OZONE.      


Application For 254nm UV lamp        


1 Disinfection of swimming pool            

2 Wast water treatment system            

3 Drinking water treatment system            

4 Swimming pool and SPA treatment            

5 Air conditioning pipe and pipe disinfection            

Application For 254nm and 185nm UV lamp            

1 Kitchen fume remove            

2 Air conditioning pipe and pipe disinfection            

3 Reduce the application of total organic compounds(TOC),Light cleaning            

4 Swimming pool and SPA treatment            

5 Ultra water treatment system(semiconductor,medicine,cosmetic)           

Documents for Downloads

U Shape Germicidal UV Lamp Datasheet

Product FAQs                           

U Shape Germicidal UV Lamp FAQs 

Application Scenarios

●Kitchen purify.

●Industrial wastewater treatment.

●Air Purifier.


If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to call us at +86 18825043686 or email us at sales@uvcsailon.com!

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