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Why does a UVC germicidal lamp is so necessary to us?

WHO declares Coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency.We just stayed home in case of being infected.The number of infected cases is raising up everyday.We need to keep a distance between each other when we stay outside.


Which products can keep our healthy from 2019-nCoV?The study from NEIDL laboratory Boston University confirmed many reported that UV-C ultraviolet light(253.7nm) can be eradicated the SARS-Cov-2 disease from COVID-2019.

In Sailon UVC lighting company,we also use different doses of the UVC germicidal light to verity that weather it can be killed the bacteria on the surface of an object.We use 5mJ/cm2 radiation dosage to irradiating for 5s,Sailons UVC light has ability that is able to inactive 99% of all these SRARS-CoV2.

 Why does a UVC germicidal lamp is so necessary to us?(图1)


Why is germicidal UVC light plays such an important role in our daily life while 2019-nCoV?


There are lots of bacteria in our lives that we cant see.Summer is coming,people using the air-conditional to cool down the temperature,air-conditioner is an absolute necessity in this climate.Air-conditions are everywhere.Such as train-carriage,classroom,shipping mall,and so on...,install a sailons UV-C germicidal bulbs into an air-conditional is very necessary.Sailons ultraviolet lamp can keep your healthy from such of bacterial infection.The air quality effects the air we breathe,so it is very important that keep our air quality safety.


What kinds of bacteria can be kill by sailons UV-C light?

Such as Flu virus,Escherichia Coil,Staphylococcus aureus,Candida albicans,Mites,HBV...,Sailon send the samples of uvc germicidal bulbs for authoritative organization to testing,and there is the result as below:

Why does a UVC germicidal lamp is so necessary to us?(图2)