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Thank you for visiting GermicidalUVLamps.com (SAILON UVC LIGHTING), a China Germicidal UV Lamps and UV Equipment Supplier & Manufacturer.

We are your one-stop solution to all your UV Germicidal Lamps & UV Equipment needs. Our team of over 10 professional ultraviolet engineers has designed complete UV Germicidal Lamps, UV Ballasts, UV Sterilizers, UV Bulbs, UV Quartz Sleeves and so on.

With over 5 years experience designing and manufacturing UV Products, we can cooperate with you on an OEM, ODM or JDM basis, tailoring our service to your exact requirement.

We invite you to explore our product pages to see the types of UV solutions available. And please contact us to learn how SAILON UVC LIGHTING can provide you with cost-effective UV products.

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